Individuals who are applying for an extension visa or for settlement from within the UK may be eligible to obtain their visa the same day on which their application is submitted to the Home Office.

Under the “same day” visa service, most applications are usually processed the same day which means that applicants will not have to be separated from their passports for more than a day. In contrast, postal applications can often take a few months for determination by UK Visas & Immigration.

We often process same day visa applications on behalf of clients. As part of our service, we can book appointments both within and outside of office hours (including a Saturday where such appointment are available). Further, all of our same day clients are accompanied to the Home Office “Premium Service” centres on the day of the appointment. We enjoy excellent working relations with all of the UK’s same day service centres.

Although based in London, our firm also has an established reputation with other Premium Service Centres across the UK and can therefore also offer this service at other locations including Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield and Solihull.

Not all forms of visa and settlement applications are accepted for same day determination. The following “extension” applications (i.e. applications for Leave to Remain or Further Leave to Remain) are accepted:

The following “settlement” applications (i.e. applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain) are also accepted:

If you would like assistance with a same day application (whether for yourself, a family member or an employee) please contact us.