PM Theresa May Holds Press Conference In Poland

Today (28 July 2016) Prime Minister Theresa May held a press conference with Prime Minister Beata Szydło of Poland.

During the press conference Prime Minister May again warned that the rights of EU citizens who were in the UK depended on the fate of British citizens abroad. She said that British voters had sent a “very clear message that they do not want free movement to continue as it has in the past”. She went on to state that while the UK remained part of the EU “there will be no change”. She recogised the “the contribution that Poles have made to the UK” but went on to say that it was “important that we see the rights of British people in other EU countries as also being respected”.

Prime Minister Szydło said: “It is for us to negotiate to ensure the rights of Polish citizens in the UK and those of UK citizens in the European Union be maintained’.’