Whilst European Union and Swiss nationals generally have an unrestricted right to enter, work and live in the UK, the position is not as straightforward for their non-European family members. Similarly, the position with regard to the transfer of non-European workers from one Member State to another is not always simple. Having specialist immigration lawyers on board can therefore prove crucial in minimising interference with free movement rights within Europe.

Our immigration solicitors and barristers have decades of advisory experience in European Union freedom of movement laws. In addition we also have extensive EU litigation experience having appeared before the Supreme Court (Patmalniece v Work and Pensions Secretary), the European Court of Justice (Kaur v Home Secretary) and the Court of Justice of the European Union (NS v Home Secretary).

We can help navigate the intricacies of not only EU free movement laws, but the UK’s attempts to effectively implement such laws. We routinely assist clients with:

  • EEA Family Permit applications: Applications for confirmation of an initial right of entry to the UK on behalf of non-European family members of EU nationals.

  • Registration Certificate applications: Applications on behalf of EU nationals seeking confirmation of their right to remain in the UK.

  • Residence Card applications: Applications on behalf of non-European family members of European nationals seeking confirmation of a continued right of residence within the UK.

  • Permanent Residency applications: Applications on behalf of both European nationals and their family members seeking confirmation that they are entitled to remain in the UK indefinitely.

  • ‘Van der Elst’ applications: Applications on behalf of EEA employers seeking to temporarily ‘post’ their workers to the UK to provide services.