Changes to immigration laws

The Home Office has declared that new changes to the Immigration Rules will help UK businesses employ skilled international workers as well as supporting its long-term economic plan to to build a stronger, more competitive economy.

From today the following changes will be introduced:

  • Opening up the Exceptional Talent visa route to world-leading individuals in the digital technology sector by enabling Tech City UK to endorse visa applications. Tech City UK will be able to endorse top innovators and professionals in their field so that they can then come to the UK without the need for a sponsoring employer. The Home Office hopes that this will make the UK more attractive to top digital tech specialists and allow the UK's digital technology industry to attract the best global talent in the world.
  • A new category for government sponsored language teachers, which is hoped will create closer relationships with China. It is hoped that by creating a new category for overseas government sponsored language teachers, the Home office will enable teachers to share knowledge and awareness of foreign languages and cultures in the UK. The first of these schemes will support a Mandarin teaching scheme designed to foster good cultural relations between the UK and China.
  • Longer periods of leave for skilled workers to increase flexibility. British employers holding a sponsor licence will be able to offer 5-year grants of leave to skilled workers, instead of 3, so that skilled workers have more flexibility and do not need to re-apply after 3 years. It will also allow employers to send employees on business trips overseas around the time when they would otherwise have needed to make their extension applications.